Friday, August 29, 2008

Even More Photo Fun!

Playing with Flickr and fd Flickr Toys inspired me to look for other photo enhancing programs. My searching brought me to Picnik. Picnik is an easy way to edit my digital photos anywhere and then easily upload to my computer, email, or Flickr account. This program allows for the typical types of editing (color, filter, etc) and some fun enhancements too!

I also have been having some fun with two other websites that manipulate digital photos. One, PhotoFunia, inserts your photos into other photos. Several years ago my husband put his head on the hot body of a race car driver on the cover of a magazine as joke. I used that image and inserted it into a photo with Paris Hilton (see below). This was definitely good for a laugh.

We also came across the Yearbook Yourself website earlier this evening and had a great time inserting our faces into yearbook photos from the last 60 years. Check me out in 1960! Always a future librarian!


Superwoman said...

Those are very funny! I'll have to try it.