Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks and Tiny Pies

There are so very many reasons to give thanks and it seems especially relavant this year. The world at large has been chaotic and more than ever instability can be felt very close to home. Our neighbors are losing jobs, homes, and security. There just seems to be so much uncertainty in our current economic climate. 

I am thankful that we do not live with the direct fear of these challenges on a daily basis. Our family and friends are healthy and there have been many exciting moments from this past year to remind of how truly fortunate we are. As we head into the holiday season I am greatful for all that we have and all that we have to give.

To add to the delicious dinner prepared by my mother-in-law, I made these yummy Tiny Pies for dessert. This recipe was simple to repeat with very little mess or fuss on a busy morning. I needed more pie crust than I had because the 2 only allowed for 11 pies with lots of left over filing. However, I am looking forward to using the left over filing to make stuffed pancakes later this weekend.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 


Cat said...

These look delightful! The link didn't work, though - do you have a recipe?