Thursday, October 2, 2008

V Tweet Debate

Twitter provided a unique platform for watching the Vice Presidential Debate.  Being able to share thoughts, comments, and frustrations in real time added a layer of excitement and camaraderie that can only be gained by watching with a large group.  

My favorite debate watching experience was in 1996 at the Ohio Democratic Party Office.  Al Franken was in attendance and the crowd enjoyed keeping tally marks on pre-selected key phrases or characteristics.  Being in a crowd of like-minded individuals charged the air and helped a young college student feel like a part of the process (truth be told the "girls in Central Ohio" were known in the campaign for "getting it done").

The level of involvement in this year's process is hampered by a variety of commitments but tonight's twitter conversation made me feel like that ideological 19 year old.  It was fun to "tweet" with friends that share and complete my thoughts even if only for 90 minutes.

Ultimately, Learn & Play has made my little world a bit bigger.  Can't wait for next Tuesday!



Joy in Digital Services said...

yes, it was a lot of fun! great insights! :)