Friday, October 24, 2008

Google Docs

I no longer hate Google.

Lately, I have begun using more and more Google products and truth be told they are making my life a little easier. Google Docs can be added to the ever growing list of favorable Google products.

Creating documents in Google Docs is a practical way to be able to access work from anywhere and allows simple sharing. Often during slow times at the information desk I will review new picture books and with Google Docs I can stop sending myself multiple emails of books I want to add to my resource lists. Or better yet I could transfer my resource lists to Google Docs and eliminate extra steps. I could plan from anywhere!

Google Docs is an excellent tool to recommend to customers. They would no longer need a disk or jump drive for saving (and eliminate the risk of it getting damaged) and they would no longer run the risk of using a word processing program on another computer that is not compatible with the library's software.