Monday, November 24, 2008

100 things to know about me...

Cheryl posted her list of 100 things in October and I begin compiling mine immediately (it only took me a month!).  This was more difficult that it it seemed.  Each day or so I would add a few more items to the list.  Sometimes ideas flowed.  Others... nothing came at all!  But this list, meme, whatever you want to call it, caused me to give pause as I truly considered myself.  Who am I?  Where have I been?  Where am I going?  And in the end this is a glimpse into how I define Me.  Readers... you've been "tagged."


001.  I like to write with a Sharpie
002.  I don't like to return phone calls
003.  I LOVE my job and love when people ask about my profession 
004.  I have forgiven my father
005.  I try to let go of the hurt I feel
006.  I am deathly afraid that something will happen to my teeth
007.  Everything tastes better with cheese
008.  I do not like to drive and would prefer to be driven (just call me Miss Daisy)
009.  Love rainy days even when I have to be out
010.  I swear too damn much
011.  I touch everything - I love textures (walking through stores with me drives my husband crazy)
012.  I was terrified of becoming a mother but...
013.  My child is my greatest joy
014.  I feel my life finally began in my 30s
015.  I spend too much time online
016.  My favorite tv show is General Hospital (I've been watching since I was 14 years old)
017.  When I watch my husband with our daughter I sometimes have to fight back tears of joy
018.  I love to eat alone
019.  I don't get to read as much as I would like
020.  I hate food messes especially on my child
021.  I no longer hate Google
022.  Sometimes I wonder if my husband and I would be compatible on
023.  I don't like to clean
024.  I procrastinate
025.  When trying to fall asleep I mentally remodel & redecorate other people's houses
026.  I dream about moving to a small coastal New England town - owning a book store, a bicycle, and a cream-colored cable knit sweater
027.  I try not to but I secretly judge people for how they parent
028.  Careers I would have liked to try: chef or architect
029.  The last 3 jobs I have been offered I was wearing red at the interview
030.  The smell of coffee makes me sick
031.  I love tea - no sugar please!
032.  I prefer white gold and silver jewelry
033.  I am shamelessly addicted to chapstick
034.  Therapy saved my marriage
035.  I am ambiguous about religion but...
036.  I have tremendous respect for those of true faith
037.  I do not believe in "next time" because...
038.  While in NYC in August 2001 my husband wanted to walk a few more blocks to the WTC and I said how about we do it "next time"
039.  I will only wear Havaianas
040.  For some reason people still think my favorite color is purple
041.  My favorite color is red
042.  In college I worked in an ice cream factory packing Popsicles
043.  My brother is one of my best friends
044.  Some things I keep just for myself
045.  Fall is my favorite season
046.  I adore Christmas lights
047.  I have suffered from migraines since 1997 (and they are worse after having my baby)
048.  My biggest disappointment in life was having a C-section
049.  My most prized possession is my wedding rings - they are uniquely mine
050.  Turtleneck sweaters are my favorite article of clothing
051.  I hate clutter
052.  I collect things with the image of the Eiffel Tower
053.  I do not like to be cold
054.  I absolutely have to wash my hair every day
055.  My favorite part of my day is right before I put my daughter in bed - we cuddle and I whisper in her ear how much I love her
056.  I talk too fast
057.  I talk with my hands
058.  I love jazz
059.  I walked down the aisle to Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely"
060.  I miss being a musician
061.  I think I would make a good lawyer
062.  I have an excellent sense of direction
063.  I am an unapologetic liberal
064.  Salty snacks are my favorite
065.  I was on the debate team in high school...
066.  and in the marching band
067.  Twitter has become a part of my daily life
068.  I like to read cookbooks and prefer that every recipe have a photograph
069.  I wish I was a better housekeeper
070.  I enjoy cooking and believe I am pretty good at it
071.  I absolutely cannot bake
072.  Even before I was a librarian I loved to read out loud
073.  I wish I was better at correspondence
074.  I HATE my feet to be touched by someone else's feet
075.  Regardless of the season or temperature I always wear at least 2 layers
076.  I am a night owl
077.  My husband is the funniest person I know
078.  White wine gives me a headache
079.  The colors in my dreams are the most vivid part
080.  I love giving gifts
081.  I believe in charity because it always returns in times of need
082.  Conflict resolution is one of my strengths
083.  I crave simplicity but it too often gets lost in the shuffle
084.  Daisies are my favorite flower
085.  At one time I was a certified lifeguard
086.  I am pretty laid back but...
087.  ...I am quick to emotion if the subject turns to something dear to me
088.  My favorite actor is Cary Grant
089.  My favorite movie is The Philadelphia Story
090.  My favorite animated movies are Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty
091.  I love to sing to Ava
092.  I am extremely conscious of being thoughtful of others
093.  I love photography and worked for a photographer for many fun years
094.  Usually I like my hair
095.  Brown eyes are soulful
096.  I am deeply disappointed that my daughter has blue eyes (they are a beautiful blue)
097.  I am decidedly a Green
098.  Carrot cake is my favorite dessert
099.  I surprise myself sometimes with my sense of patriotism
100.  Making decisions comes naturally to me


Cheryl said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. I feel like I know you better. I love the thought you put into it too! I did mine in about 20 minutes - maybe I should have paused more! ;)

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll and glad to see Ric Rac and the Artful Parent on there too! xx

Cat said...

Great list! It's so good to get you know you better.

17- I totally feel that way about DH and Si - even at age 14, it still makes me overwhelmingly joyful to hear them talk together.

48 - I understand this, too. I deeply regret never feeling a labor pain . . . but it did save our lives.

58 - I do too.

60 - another one we share. That's why I've tried to re-enter the musician world a little. It's been fun. Do you play an instrument?