Thursday, November 20, 2008

A headache that says "I'm Sorry"

In less than 24 hours Motrin heard the words of many outraged mothers and removed their regrettably insulting ad.  Their actions proved that the intent of the ad was drastically different from the result.  Because of the company's swift action and sincere apology, I, as a mother and consumer, have an increased level of respect for a brand that I rely upon.

Last night was a difficult night at our house as a set of teeth work their way through Ava's sore gums.  I couldn't help but laugh at the thought that I was living the perfect Motrin ad.  My little one received a dose of Motrin to help ease her pain and I sure could have used the pain reliever to help with my headache and sore muscles from walking, rocking, and cuddling my 16 month old to sleep.

I recognize that this was the original intent and the sympathetic tone that was lost.  Had the ad struck the right balance I would have felt that this was a brand that understands my pain but I will settle for "I'm sorry."