Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Lovely Surprise!

I was VERY excited to return home from a weekend trip to a lovely surprise waiting for me in my inbox. I am the winner of the drawing for these adorable Valentine's templates from Little Brown Pen.

I simply cannot wait for Ava to pass these out to her little friends for Valentine's Day! Much better than the commercial options - plus my kid has no idea who the characters are that are featured on the cards. I am thinking of other special ways to celebrate this year. Maybe we will make this cuddly heart:

And since all of Ava's friends are toddlers it might be best to avoid candy. While she enjoys a sweet treat on occasion, we have not given her candy. So maybe a Valentine's treat from the oven would be the best choice such as these Sweet Fortune Cookies:

Whatever we decided I know it will be a special day! 


jane said...

Lucky you - those are such cute cards! I love the list of 100 things you might have done too- really enjoyed visiting your blog.

Lynda said...

Cute cards ;0)