Friday, September 4, 2009

Can't sleep? Applique!

It has been a while since the sewing machine has been out of it's case. I have guilt but I haven't been overly ambitious. Tonight (or this morning) I couldn't sleep thanks to a migraine brought on by the insanity surrounding a simple Presidential address to students. So instead of just laying in bed obsessing over the bat-shit-crazy people trying to control the agenda I got up and got to work.

Start to finish this project only took me an hour and I am quite happy with the results (especially since I was sewing at 4:00 a.m.). Of all the appliqued shirts I have made this one is by far the best and am feeling inspired to make a few more.

The button eyes are buttons that I found in my great-grandmother's button box. I love that something she chose will be close to Ava's heart. My nana has been in my thoughts lately. She was such a wonderful lady and it is so important to me for my daughter to know her in some way. Her memory has been so strong lately that it was only fitting for a little piece of her to be part of this project.

Looking forward to seeing Ava wearing this shirt!


Amanda said...

Cute! It is always so great when you can incorporate something old into something new, especially when it reminds you of someone special.

Maybe this will inspire me to dust off my old machine...all I've managed to do since going back to work is wind a bobbin! Crafting is certainly harder since returning to work, boo!