Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've got a new way to post!

I have neglected post to either of my blogs. My hope had been to post with some regularity in 2009 but alas that has not been the case. Lately I have felt a renewed urge to express myself and a desire to keep the promise I made to myself. Plus I know how much my mom looks forward to posts about Ava's adventures. The main reason I have slacked in keeping my blogs up-to-date is the tiny inflexible box provided by blogger to post. There have been many posts that have been abandoned in frustration because I could not manipulate the images. It truly is a terrible design and a very disappointing feature.

Learn and Play gave me the outlet to explore all types of online tools ~ most notably Blogger and Goggle Docs. Why did I not make the connection before today that I could easily post blog updates from Google Docs. Here I can easily layout my post to look exactly as I wish and not feel a twinge of disappointment that it isn't quite exactly what I had in mind.

Here is to hoping that this rediscovered tool motivates me to share more often!


Cheryl said...

I'd love to see you posting more often too! Always nice. You might just consider doing one blog rather than the two. Pretty much the same type of content and always nice to have variety. Might be easier!

Beth said...

I've thought about going down to one blog but to be completely honest that isn't my problem. The little blogger window was a huge problem but mostly it is in my head ~ I over think my posts and then just never get there. Hard to explain.