Thursday, November 13, 2008

The End or Merely the Beginning?

The End
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Learn & Play @ CML has been a terrific experience! I have learned a lot of new things and refreshed my knowledge on many others. Most importantly I have learned some interesting facts about the amazing people I work with.

My favorite "thing" is without a doubt Twitter. At first it seemed like mundane information but the more involved I have become it is the mundane that has proven to be the most interesting. Sharing about our lives makes us more connected even if it is in the digital world.

I have also reconnected with long lost friends on Facebook and have surprisingly enjoyed rebinding these ties.

My plan as a lifelong learner is to continue exploring Web 2.0 programs and share my digital and creative experiences on my blogs. It will also for my learning to remain connected to friends that will encourage my interests and keep me plugged in. I am surprised how much I have enjoyed this program. I thought I might tire of wading through the "things." But I have gone beyond the 23 Things and explored other programs that might enhance my or a customers personal experience.

If CML offers a future program of this nature I would love to participate. Some improvements I would like see... the beginning of L&P seemed very rushed and there were too many things at one time. Staff seemed overwhelmed and many felt the 15 minute suggestion was too limiting for them to adequately explore. Some were new to all of this and gave up not because they lacked interest but felt ovewhelmed. As the program continued I got a sense that our L&P gurus began to understand this problem and slowed down.

Overall, I believe strongly that this was a valuable use of staff time and look forward to the next Learn & Play installment!