Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feelin' Bold-i with MOLDI

Exploring The MidOhio Library Digital Initiative was confusing at first but as I continued to tool around things become more clear. This is a very exciting option to the traditional book or audio book option we offer in our branches.

When I had a longer commute to work I would listen to audio books often (this was a great way to get through all the required reading for Teen Services courses). If I was really into a book and wanted to continue listening after pulling into the garage I would either be tied to the computer with earphones or filling the house with book on our stereo. With the option to download to my ipod I can listen in the car, with the docking station in my office, or lounged in bed.

The ebooks are a fun option for kids who relate better to technology or are away from our library - like my friend Cheryl. I download a juvenile non-fiction book about bugs. Downloading was easy and once downloaded the book was very easy to navigate. I especially liked the bookmark feature that allows for notes.

I added myself to the reserve lists for a couple titles that I will be able to download to my ipod. Can't wait to experiment more!