Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Favorite Handmade Ornaments

Decorating our Christmas tree has always been one of my favorite holiday activities.  The tree we used early in our marriage was a tree that had been my great-grandparents tree.  Going up it always looked very "Charlie Brown" but once covered in our hand-me-down ornaments it looked perfect.  My mother gave us a few boxes of ornaments that she no longer wanted or liked and I was very happy to have them.  These simple ornaments made starting new traditions with my new husband more comforting.  

In the seven Christmases we have shared there have been many additions to our ornament collection but these handmade ornaments remain my favorites.  The angel was a gift from a co-teacher.  The beaded star is one of many that were made by my paternal grandmother, who passed when I was six years old.  There are many different color combinations and catch the lights from the tree in a divine way. 

The last two were made by my mother.  Santa Bert's nice list has the names of my brother and I stitched on.  Once upon a time there was an Ernie Elf ornament but it was the casualty of a chew happy puppy.  I plan to add Ava's name to the list of good kids.  The hobby horse ornament comes in multiple color versions and is reminds me of the beautiful, live trees we had during my childhood.


Cat said...

WE had those hobby horse ornaments, too! I love those! We also had some where you put a candy cane into the horse head (made of felt) to make the hobby horse.