Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year, New Projects!

I have never been one for making resolutions for the new year. Just never felt the need to set myself up for disappointment so early. And this year will be no different. As we look forward to a new start in so many historic ways, I am going to hold on to the sense of HOPE that many desperately need at this time. While I will not make resolutions to lose weight or get rich (two things that wouldn't be bad to achieve), I will try to be a better me new year or not.

There are several new projects I hope to get to in the first part of the year. The red fabric is for curtains for our recently painted family room. Okay, so I know that it has been a few months but the original fabric I purchased had to be returned because the girl at the fabric store did not measure my sample correctly and I was not paying attention to correct her error. Of course they did not have enough once I realized the error. This project is underway and my husband has his fingers crossed for a speedy completion - even threatening to help.

I did complete monogrammed shirts for Christmas gifts. Ava is wearing her "A" shirt. Unfortunately I did not get a photograph of all the girls together but maybe the next time they visit we will be able to have our little girls all in a row.

These shirts were more difficult than the Turkey Shirt I made Ava for Thanksgiving. I have a few more ideas for shirts so I hope to gain more practice. 

Lately Ava has show an interest in cooking both for real and pretend. I purchased a pattern on sale and have reviewed a few other patterns in the hope of making her an apron. I might make 2 - one to wear during art projects and the other for in the kitchen. For Christmas Ava received a bake set and I plan to add to her set by creating some felt food. Depending on how the initial set of food turns out I may make several sets for gifts.

There are many other ideas that have been turning over in my head lately and I hope that this year will be one of increased creativity! Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I just returned A is for Apron...I saw it on your goodreads, I think. I loved it and it inspired me to start an apron (still in the works). I love Ava's monogrammed shirt! A is for Apron, Ava and Angie!

P.S. Did you use fusible interfacing for the A?

Beth said...

I did use fusible interfacing but only the one sided. For her turkey shirt I used the double-sided but it was so stiff to work with and thought I would try something different. Haven't decided which I like better. More to learn I guess!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for this link on Twitter. I need to add this second blog to my Reader or blog!

Jealous you can sew. Still need to learn. I adore kiddo aprons and play food! cute! Love her "a" shirt too.

Cat said...

You are inspiring me to get my sewing machine fixed! It's been out of commission for over a year! Actually, I might just need to get a new one . . .

Beth said...

Stayed up late last night finishing 1 of 4 curtains. Need to stay motivated!